Meet Mic, Jack, Sandy, Toni and Nick. They are all on a train to Norwich. What ensues is a clever piece of writing as each couple take it in turns to talk about their daily lives and then - what would happen if the conversations start mixing and matching?

Will Mic ever meet the woman of his dreams? Has Jack something to hide? Is Sandy ever going to revenge Beryl in accounts? Will Toni ever have sex? Will Nick get the girl?

This rip roaring new comedy audio drama is a welcome addition to the Word of Mouth drama section.

THE TRAIN OF THOUGHTS written, produced and directed by Brendan Sheppard

*WARNING - Does contain strong language*

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Rassilon: the mysterious founder of Time Lord Society. How did he come to power? Who were his allies, his enemies, and what was his ultimate goal? DARK TIMES reaches beyond legend and myth into the shadows of ancient Gallifrey to explore its most famous, and controversial, leader. We follow Archeron, the great Time Lord historian, as his friendship with Rassilon splinters in the face of a terrifying invasion. Alien vampires swarm onto Gallifrey, intent on sucking the lifeblood from every last Time Lord, and only Rassilon dares to oppose them. Yet the more Archeron becomes involved in the crisis, the more he recognises a darker agenda at work. Soon everything Archeron believes in comes crashing down as the true horror of events reveals itself and a brutal struggle ignites for the destiny of Gallifrey.

Made to support BBC Children In Need, this is the sequel to One Fine Timelord, an action packed audio drama that will appeal to all Doctor Who fans - and remember to donate to Children In Need to once you have downloaded this!  It's not an obligation and whether you donate or not, please enjoy compliments of the house!

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From the dark foggy roads of ancient Wales, to a ghostly Scottish village in Texas, ghosts are everywhere.  They are around every corner and in every dark place.  No matter how hard you try, you cannot avoid avoid them, you cannot escape them and nothing will make you safe.  Volume 1 of Ghost Stories UK leads you to places you would best avoid - dare you buy it?  Really? You do? Well that's fine then, just please whatever you do, DO NOT read alone!  Well, we did warn you.  This excellent collection of UK Ghost stories will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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Dark and nasty violins, sickly creatures of the bog and ghosts that take children all await you in our second volume of Ghost Stories UK … this is not for the feint-hearted. If you like your ghost stories dark and twisted, this is the compilation for you. Dare you read nine of the scariest ghost stories in the UK? Dare you entertain the places where even the angels fear to tread? Well, you better start reading then. But we warned you not to. We really did try. Oh, and just a piece of advice. Keep the lights on!  presented in the usual high quality and immersive way that only we know how to do... Enjoy at your peril!

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London, 1605: A new king sits upon the throne of England, but not everyone is pleased with this Protestant monarch. A group of conspirators scheme to overthrow him and restore Catholic rule; by igniting an explosion directly beneath Parliament! For their plot to succeed, these traitors need the perfect assassin; a man named Guy Fawkes. Guy Fawkes: A Desperate Remedy, reveals the true story behind the Gunpowder Plot. This unique novella allows readers to join Fawkes as he becomes embroiled in history's most notorious assassination attempt on the life of a British Sovereign. From secretly hatching a murderous revolt, to carefully building a deadly bomb, to ultimately striking a fateful match, we hear Guy Fawkes from his first rebellious thoughts to his final bitter reflections. 

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