This is a story about a mirror - a mirror of pure ice. A mirror so full of cold malevolence that nothing beautiful could be reflected in it without being distorted beyond recognition. It is also the story of Kay and Gerda - when Kay is taken by the Snow Queen, it is up to Gerda to rescue him.  We follow Gerda as she meets friends and foes along her epic journey.  But will she get there in time - and when she does, how can she possibly defeat the Snow Queen?.  Based on the classic Hans Christian Andersen children's book, this is an updated, modern retelling - a perfect audio for children and adults alike, told in the classic Word Of Mouth style - narrated by the excellent Sophie Aldred (Ace, Doctor Who), this an audio you will listen to again and again and a great introduction to audiobooks for your kids.

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From the dark foggy roads of ancient Wales, to a ghostly Scottish village in Texas, ghosts are everywhere.  They are around every corner and in every dark place.  No matter how hard you try, you cannot avoid avoid them, you cannot escape them and nothing will make you safe.  Volume 1 of Ghost Stories UK leads you to places you would best avoid - dare you buy it?  Really? You do? Well that's fine then, just please whatever you do, DO NOT read alone!  Well, we did warn you.  This excellent collection of UK Ghost stories will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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London, 1605: A new king sits upon the throne of England, but not everyone is pleased with this Protestant monarch. A group of conspirators scheme to overthrow him and restore Catholic rule; by igniting an explosion directly beneath Parliament! For their plot to succeed, these traitors need the perfect assassin; a man named Guy Fawkes. Guy Fawkes: A Desperate Remedy, reveals the true story behind the Gunpowder Plot. This unique novella allows readers to join Fawkes as he becomes embroiled in history's most notorious assassination attempt on the life of a British Sovereign. From secretly hatching a murderous revolt, to carefully building a deadly bomb, to ultimately striking a fateful match, we hear Guy Fawkes from his first rebellious thoughts to his final bitter reflections. 

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Mary Shelley's classic tale of horror.  After building a monster from human parts, The brilliant Victor Frankenstein is tormented by the creature - a pitiful yet murderous abomination looking to find his place in a world that seeks only to reject and destroy him.  An epic tale that crosses the globe and starts and ends in the icy wastelands of the North Pole, this classic tale is brought to you in the way that only Word Of Mouth can do - an epic cast of actors bring this fully unabridged novel to life in a way that you will have never heard before.

Gothic horror at it's very best, Frankenstein is a beautiful novel, and remains one of a handful of books from the era that never fails to capture the imagination of young and old alike.

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