Mary Shelley's classic tale of horror.  After building a monster from human parts, The brilliant Victor Frankenstein is tormented by the creature - a pitiful yet murderous abomination looking to find his place in a world that seeks only to reject and destroy him.  An epic tale that crosses the globe and starts and ends in the icy wastelands of the North Pole, this classic tale is brought to you in the way that only Word Of Mouth can do - an epic cast of actors bring this fully unabridged novel to life in a way that you will have never heard before.

Gothic horror at it's very best, Frankenstein is a beautiful novel, and remains one of a handful of books from the era that never fails to capture the imagination of young and old alike.

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A possessed Ottoman than simply won’t leave it’s widow alone. Wardrobes that simply don’t act like wardrobes should, and a haunting picture in a dark frame that hides more than it should. We haven’t even mentioned the doll yet – well, the less we say about that creepy little thing, the better. Crammed full of haunting tales that will mess with your mind, volume 3 of our ghost stories collection is not for the easily scared. Don’t sleep afterwards – you wouldn’t want the dreams that await…

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In Victorian London, there are tales of a murderous man who commits heinous crimes.  After hearing of a nasty encounter the man had with a small child, Utterson swears he will see the end of the fiend.  But why is he so monstrous and what are his links to Dr. Jekyll?  We follow Utterson in his quest to unmask the brute and bring this callous foe to justice.

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