Dark Times

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Rassilon: the mysterious founder of Time Lord Society. How did he come to power? Who were his allies, his enemies, and what was his ultimate goal? DARK TIMES reaches beyond legend and myth into the shadows of ancient Gallifrey to explore its most famous, and controversial, leader. We follow Archeron, the great Time Lord historian, as his friendship with Rassilon splinters in the face of a terrifying invasion. Alien vampires swarm onto Gallifrey, intent on sucking the lifeblood from every last Time Lord, and only Rassilon dares to oppose them. Yet the more Archeron becomes involved in the crisis, the more he recognises a darker agenda at work. Soon everything Archeron believes in comes crashing down as the true horror of events reveals itself and a brutal struggle ignites for the destiny of Gallifrey.

Made to support BBC Children In Need, this is the sequel to One Fine Timelord, an action packed audio drama that will appeal to all Doctor Who fans - and remember to donate to Children In Need to once you have downloaded this!  It's not an obligation and whether you donate or not, please enjoy compliments of the house!

Check out our exclusive interview with Director Brendan Sheppard and Writer M Justin Parsons plus an specially edited title sequence for the Children In Need Special - DARK TIMES

Please do donate to the charity by clicking here: CHILDREN IN NEED - DARK TIMES - DONATE





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